Egg Prices Top to High Record in Islamabad

The price of 30 dozen eggs has surged from Rs. 10,500 to Rs. 12,500.

Market sources reported a massive shortage of eggs due to the exorbitant rates of the food item.

The demand-supply gap has put immense pressure on the market, resulting in an unfortunate burden on consumers.

There is no official notification yet, even though the government has allowed the import of soybeans, which are critical to egg production. This delay has contributed to the current inflationary cycle, sources say.

Sources said the Ministry of Climate Change is at the center of the notification delay, which has fueled regulatory inaction over soybean imports. 

Soybeans play a crucial role in egg production, as they are a primary ingredient in poultry feed.

The delay in importing soybeans may worsen the existing shortage of eggs.

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